Online Marketing: DOs & Don’ts

Online marketing is a powerful marketing tool for all sorts of businesses. Online marketing is vital for success of business as it helps business reach a wide range of audience and build strong relationship with customers. Internet marketing is directly related to how consumers make their purchasing decisions. According to study by analyst Gartner, an increasing number of customers are doing research on product and services on social media and mobile internet before making final purchasing decision.

In order to effectively market your products and services, you need to understand both bad online marketing techniques and good online marketing techniques. Following dos and don’ts of online marketing will help you avoid mistakes and create an effective and impactful internet marketing plan.

Dos of Online Marketing

  1. A website which is user friendly is good for repeat traffic. If visitors get easily and quickly what they are looking for in a website then they will not only stay on the website longer but also would like to visit it again when needed. Therefore, you need to keep your brand’s website simple, easy to use and concise.
  2. Users like to return to a site that loads faster and offers amazing content, links to other useful sites and regular updates. Therefore, your brand’s website should offer visitors fresh and meaningful content, links to interesting sites and regular brand updates with fast website loading speed.
  3. You need to choose a domain name that is both simple and easy to remember so that a visitor that once visited your site can remember it and can again visit your website easily by recalling the domain name.
  4. Make your brand’s website optimized for search engines. A website that ranks higher on search engine search results enjoys continuous flow of traffic.
  5. In order to drive traffic to your brand’s site, use URL in email signature and keep email signature short.
  6. With the help of website polls and online feedback form gather information related to your audience. Make changes in your SEO campaign and internet marketing campaign in the light of results of the polls and feedback gathered from users.
  7. Create a blog for your brand’s website. Your brand’s blog will help drive traffic to brand’s website and it also improves customer interaction with your brand.
  8. Send your ad and search engine traffic to your impressive, well- crafted, effective and modern landing page that can help convert lead into customers.
  9. The content on your site should be customer focused. Instead of talking too much about your company, tell your customers what you can offer them and how your product or service can benefit them.

Don’ts of Online Marketing

  1. Do not violate terms of service of Google AdSense program.
  2. Don’t use black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and article spinning because Google penalizes those website that use black hat SEO techniques.
  3. Don’t announce a website which is incomplete and nonfunctional because a visitor who has visited your incomplete site may not have time to visit your site again to see it completed or functional.
  4. Don’t over stuff visitors with tons and tons of information because visitors leave a website if they have to read bunch of information to understand what a company can offer them.
  5. Some companies forget their target audience while planning an online marketing strategy. Instead, your marketing strategy should revolve around your target audience.
  6. Don’t make registration process for obtaining information at your site lengthy and complex because users move to other sites to receive required information if they find registration process at a site lengthy and complex.
  7. Don’t send long emails to your clients because nobody has time to read long essays. Instead, send short and to the point email messages to your clients.
  8. Many websites don’t refresh and update their site content. Avoid this because search engine love fresh content and does not like sites that have static pages and old content.
  9. Don’t use extremely heavy and low quality photos on your brand’s site. Low quality photos look quite unprofessional while extremely heavy photos affect the site’s speed.
  10. Don’t create an ad for your brand that leads to your site and has no relation with content presented on the webpage it leads to. The context and language of both the ad and the web page it leads to should be similar.

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